Google Dance - life is a bitch

Imagine, you build an internet company from the scratch. You have no money, no experience with internet, and you make it. Idea to build a travel website come in august 1998, in february 2000 we rented office. Now we run of of the biggest accommodation sites for Czech Republic. In our database are over 3000 accommodation facilities from all over the Czech Republic, not only from Prague. This year we provided accommodation to over 16.000 people. We employ on full time basis 10 people. Nobody from us rides luxury cars, actualy all of us travel by public transport, all money we make we invest back to the business. We run our company in long term in mind, we invest into technology, we started linux and computer programing oriented site

We work hard, we think we get rewarded for all our toil, and than Google Changes itīs algorithm, and you feel like back in 1948 where in this country was "bolshevik revolution" and people who have worked hard, taken a risk to run own business have found themselfs with bare hands, as all they have toiled for was made state owned.. I felt the same after the last google dance, we have invested lot of time and lot of money into our website, and we think it is good site, and that we provide good accommodation services. What was my surprise, when I saw for main search term in our business "prague hotels" on 4th place

I would understand, that google is changing it's algorithm in order to improve itīs search services. That is o.k. and I have nothing against that. But what improvement is it for google users, when in top5 results for top search term is site, that is running on a freehosting domain, that has only static html content, there is even no use of any database, forms are checked only on site of client via Javasript, not also on the server side, there is no information about company which is running this site, also there is no way to find out who is the owner of the domain, as it is 3rd level domain name. Pages which from the start in 2001 have not changed see: There are only 51! links for that site at google.

If I Try to put some gibberish word in search with the main search term as prague hotels kjhd no page with all 3 keywords is found. When I try to find the same keywords but without the gibberish word prague hotels -kjhd which should turn off the comercial keywords filter, as "kjhd" is not a comercial word, our site in in 10th place. Normaly when searching prague hotels, we are on the 24th place..

When searching for hotels prague OR london, which according to Google's Advanced Operators, I should get results from booth "prague hotels" and "london hotels", which is not exactly the case, as for that prague OR london term, we are on the 12th position, 3rd among Prague related sites. When searching for accommodation prague OR london, we are on the 9th place, among prague sites we are 3rd..

Is that the improvement of search services, absolutely not! We run linux site and after the last google dance, it kept it's 15th position for term "linux software", so what is that? By my opinion, as I read on several SEO forums, there is really filter for commercial search terms, in order to sell more adwords. Should commercial sites pay for high positions? O.k. why not, I have no problem with that, the problem is in the current search engines paid services, why should I pay for my site listed in area labeled "sponsored links", where are links which do not have to have anything to do with search term? It has nothing to do with higher relevancy, for which is google so popular. Why should I pay for service, that has no sence? One more reason not to pay for PPC (pay per click) is, that there is no way, how to recognize the legitimate user, from somebody, either human or a script, that is making your budget for PCC just desapear. More at: Google gets gruff over click fraud and Exposing click fraud
Well, if there are given SEO rules, and somebody is building a comercial site, the positive SEO aproach should show, that he should also more problably care about the content of it's site. In case of AdWords, it shows about the siteowner, only that he has money to pay an ad campaign.

If there would be an search engine alternative to Google, I would not mind, if people find lower relevance of search results, they would as the time goes by switch to alternative search engines. The problem is, that at the moment, there is no such alternative to google. Try Microsoft's, when you are happy enough, the service will be available. Try Yahoo's Inktomi, as I understood available to try here, the pure search engine looks just fine, the question is again, how Money hungry Yahoo will use it. Will be the first site of full of only paid listings? Also it is highly questionable, if even the paid listings at Yahoo will have a sence, as Yahoo is running it's own travel business. Than we are when we were again with the Google.

If state tourist agencies would work in Czech Republic, as they should, it means really support tourism and local comerial subjects, than this could generate also some traffic, unfortunately we are still in country with recent communist past. See

Well, what can we do? We can wait, untill google changes it's algorythm, or we can try to build a New google pleasing site, which will rank high, in booth cases it will take lot of Money and time, which could be used more apropriately...

Frantisek Hucek -
in Prague 20.11.2004

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